We are....No Strings Attached, a Black Country based classic rock covers band
We are....No Strings Attached, a Black Country based classic rock covers band



No words needed, just let your ears make their minds up! Haha!

Seriously, I could hum a tune before I could speak (well that's what my mom always

said). My dad is my biggest influence, inspiration and now supporter! His musical experiences in professional bands over 40 years as a main vocalist and guitarist has taught me a lot. I've fronted several bands including corporate set ups since my teens which have took me abroad on occasions! NSA is band of good friends and the drummer is my big brother too! I love singing with these amazing musicians.....


Musical influences - The Who, The Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, The Seahorses, Level 42, Deacon Blue (to name but only a few!!)


Found wandering Bilston market with a guitar pick in hand in the mid 1960s, I was raised by trappist monks until the age of 16, when I attended the Norma Snockers academy for unkempt guitarists. A big lover of classic rock, I am also influenced by many genres of guitar from jazz to blues to funk.


Guitars: Gibson Les Pauls(s), Gibson SG, PRS Santana, Yamaha SG 2000, Fender Stratocaster (and thats just the ones the wife knows about!)


Amps:    Axe FX III Mk II

              Matrix 800w

              Marshall 1960A 4 x 12 cab  (Celestion Alnico Cream 90s)


So this one time, in band camp, while playing the classical music I'd been trained in... I was led astray by rock music. Once there, I was drawn to the rhythm and thump of the bass and so began my relationship with an instrument that's as long as I am tall and that I can just about get my hands around, but I love it!!


Basses:  Fender Jazz Bass 

               Fender P bass 

                                                                        Dingwall Lee Skalr Signature 5 string

                                                                        Squier Jazz Fretless custom build


 Amp & cab:   TC Electronics BH800 amp

                      Bareaced Super Twin cab

                      Helix Stomp XL


Someone who plays a drum or a set of drums, especially in a music group!  Well, that’s what the dictionary says, I’m forever tapping, from a young age using drinking straws as sticks and boxes for drums I realised the accordion was the way forward. I studied music at school also playing Saxophone but seemed to prefer the drums even though the penny whistle would be easy to carry around from venue to venue. I’m mostly self-taught having well one lesson way back and promised I would have another in the near future. Having played for over 20 years now and at some point will figure out what this timing lark is about.  

My Influences include Gary Husband, Keith Moon, Phil Gould and Dave Rosindale to name a few all drummers that I admire, I’m pretty much into Funk Rock soul Jazz styles but not in that order. Bang on!!


Kit :  Red Chameleon TAMA Superstar Hyper drive 22” six piece

        Zildjian black grip wood tip sticks

        Meinl and Pearl Cymbals

        My own Signature Cowbell(s)

        Graphic flashy shirts & crazy suits

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